Kids Port is a community-wide investment in children and families.

Kids Port Children’s Museum will be a place of early discovery and the development of life-long learning, and a integral part of the revitalization and economic development of downtown Brunswick.

Kids-Port-Museum-Brunswick, GA-Community Impact
Kids-Port-Museum-Brunswick, GA-Community Impact2

Tourism Engine

With more activities to enjoy, tourists will visit the area and stay longer – stimulating economic activity in downtown, the community, and the region.

Community Need

As the only museum in the area, Kids Port Museum will be a favorite destination for families in the Golden Isles and surrounding areas. (The closest children’s museum is 80 miles away.)

Strong Community

Children’s museums strengthen communities by partnering with schools, colleges, youth organizations, and corporate partners.

Did you know? (Demographics)

More than 18,000 kids live in Glynn County and almost 55,000 kids live in our neighboring communities—all with parents or caregivers looking for something to do indoors when it’s hot, cold, wet, or buggy.

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Children in
Glynn County

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In neighboring

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household have
children >12

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Household are grandparent aged

Children’s Museums Contributed $5.5 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2016

Research from the Association of Children’s Museums found that $1.5 billion in children’s museum spending rippled out to create $5.5 billion in economic activity.

  • Children’s museums support approximately 57,000 jobs in the United States, with 41 percent of those found outside museum walls.
  • The location of a children’s museum affects its economic impact. This report shares how museums in the nation’s eight regional economies (defined by the Bureau of Economic Analysis) calculate their regional job impact.